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‘Suits’ Review

Suits is an American television series which follows a young, budding lawyer who mistakenly joins a law firm as an associate. Michael Ross, is guided through certain cases and general law firm life by arrogant yet lovable Partner, Harvey Spectre.

Firstly, the premise of Suits makes it immediately intriguing. It straddles the genres of comedy and drama, subtly combining complex law with banter.


Harvey Spectre: One hot dog

It is reminiscent of a crime drama in the sense that each episode contains a different case, yet there is a back-story running through constantly. Nevertheless, Suits does not feel as restrictive as this due to the different styles of cases: employment, federal etc. Every episode is different and a rich back story is always prevalent. Spectre uses devious tactics to win cases and at times Ross’ past comes back to haunt him.

Two other supporting characters which add yet another dimension to Suits is that of Louis Litt and Rachael Zane. Litt (Rick Hoffman) is a hard-nosed, no-nonsense and proud Partner of Pearson and Hardman law firm who has a love/hate realtionship with Spectre. His coarse nature creates friction with his fellow characters and his dedication to work doesn’t help either. Much like Spectre, Louis has a lot of power in the firm. Unlike Spectre, Litt uses his power to manipulate the associates and utilizes this to fuel his dominance over the firm. Yet Macht’s character is one of the few characters who knows how to push Louis: this is when you see him angry.

Zane (Meghan Markle) plays the beautiful, extremely clever yet flawed para-legal. Her Achilles heal is examinations and due to this she cannot become an associate, meaning she is stuck at her post which she believes she has the skills to go beyond.

No two episodes are the same and  the audience cannot help fall in love with every single one of the characters. Suits is slick, sophisticated and full of drama: Highly addictive.


The Beginning

Yesterday, I attended a journalism interview. I’ve always wanted to get into the world of media, ever since my love of English first blossomed. The interview went generally well, which I was pleased about, but my interviewer gave me some advice: write a blog. She claimed this showed the world how you can write. She also explained how it was a great way of showcasing your skills and publishing your very own material for the world to read. So, here I am.

My name is Jack Amor; I live in Beverley, East Yorkshire, UK. You’ll learn the rest about me along the way.

Thank you, whoever you are, for reading this. Any advice you give would be appreciated. Follow me or like me or whatever you do on these blog websites: I am clueless at the moment.